5 Ways Human Rights Help Drive Positive Change in Society


No one can disagree that the promotion of human rights is at the core of what it is to be human and live in a society. But can this fight actually continue driving tangible change? Here are five ways in which it does.

Promoting equality

Ultimately, human rights and social justice share the same common mission: promoting equality for all. Exclusion, discrimination and poverty are among the multitude of problems that make social justice a goal so hard to achieve. And those issues are directly contradictoryto the cause of human rights.

The fight for the indiscriminate promotion of human rights has the potential to drive human dignity. How? For example, the right to health should be assured for each and every individual. Health is essential to dignity. In addition, all children and young citizens should equally have access to education.

Fighting discrimination

A major part of promoting equality is fighting against discrimination founded on any type of basis, such as gender, race, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation, disabilities, among many others.

Improving social support systems

The systems that ore often described as welfare or social support can be perceived as a safety net. Why? Because those are the programs that are supposed to care for the individuals when they are not able to meet by themselves the needs pertaining to human dignity and equality.

As examples of social support systems, we can mention healthcare, housing, disability allowances, maternity provisions, employment rights, or anti-marginalisation measures. Human rights are at the very core of the social safety net.

Ensuring employment rights

The right to employment is a major cornerstone of a fair distribution of wealth among the citizens, and subsequently, a foundation of the fight for human rights and social justice.

It is necessary that each and every nation implements and improves laws that not only protect workers, but also make sure that each individual has equal opportunity to grant a job and a liveable, dignifying wage.

But the laws surrounding employment rights should not exclusively pertain to equally distributing opportunities.

They should also focus on health provisions, safety measures in the workplace, equal pay for all employees, reasonable working hours, freedom to join syndicates, frequent training, abolishment of any type of harassment, and so forth.

Providing the legal framework for the government to be accountable

Each nation’s government is responsible to play an active role in the pursuing of social justice and human rights. Governments need to step up, defend the citizens and protect the things that matter to them.

In accordance to that, the promotion of human rights also includes the fight to guarantee a legal framework that makes the government accountable and permits individuals to hold the government to that obligation. An accountable state must create and promote the conditions to attain social justice based on human rights.

In summary, human rights and the progress of society need to always go hand in hand, although sometimes one cause is highlighted in detriment of the other.

Understanding Our Basic Human Rights

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