Hello and welcome to our online magazine, Institute of Family Therapy. Our mission is to highlight the most important issues in society and contribute to the fight for the human rights. Here is an overview of our content plan for the upcoming months.

A human rights approach to healthcare and clinical practice

This is a question that has been circulating for years and which answers continue to diverge depending on the opinions of each individual: is healthcare a basic human right and is the state responsible for providing it?

Different governments disagree on the answer as well. But the history of the United Kingdom has shown that the nation is committed to implement a human rights approach to its National Health Service. Read our article to discover the organisations that are doing just that.

The best films about society and human rights

In the last few years, filmmakers have been breaking our hearts and filling them with hope all at the same time with their stunning documentaries that tackle various social and human rights issues in an honest and enlightening way. Our team has selected three of those fine works.

The role of mediation in human rights issues

We are sure you have already heard the term “mediation”. But do you know what the process actually is and how it can be applied? For starters, it can be used in countless contexts. So, how can it be helpful in the solving of human rights disputes?

Our writers have compiled an essential guide on mediation, that also includes a practical example of how it can aid in the promotion of social justice.

The countries that most respect the human rights

Which are the countries in which citizens can rest assured that all of their individual, civil and political liberties will continuously be respected? And what does it mean for a country to uphold the human rights?

We bring you the worldwide top 7. We can already tell you that it features four countries in Europe, two in Oceania and one in North America.

The key of human rights in driving social progress

It seems only logical that human rights are one of the indispensable keys to ensure social progress. However, sometimes one cause is highlighted in detriment of the other. To effect actual change, they should always go hand in hand and be approached not as two separate causes, but as a unified mission.

We have prepared a guide on five of the many ways in which the fight for the human rights is synonym to the fight for social justice and progress.