The 7 Countries That Most Respect the Human Rights


From Europe to America and Oceania, these are the seven countries in the world that most respect the variety of human rights each person should see guaranteed.



In Finland, the parliamentary elections are free and fair. A healthy variety of parties is represented in Parliament. The freedom of religion is deeply respected, as well as the freedoms of speech and the press.

Corruption is not a relevant problem in Finland. In addition, women and ethnic minorities enjoy equal rights, with hate and harassment based on gender and race being very rare.



The democratic regime in Norway is widely considered to be one of the strongest in the world. The Norwegian government rotates on a regular basis. And political candidates from a wide range of groups in the population have equal opportunities to campaign and represent the citizens.

Individuals, institutions and journalists truly feel free to hold the government accountable and call attention to any type of weakness or discontent, knowing they will much likely be heard.



Although Sweden is a monarchy, its regime is based on a Parliament, which seats are occupied by representatives of multiple parties. Swedish citizens can expect their civil and political rights to be consistently assured and respected. The law is widely valued and upheld.



Canada has historically been one of the nations that most respects the broad range of human rights. The state takes it on itself to assure the best and most comprehensive social support systems.

One of the issues that still prevails in Canada is the racial and gender discrimination towards indigenous women. In recent years, the government has implemented laws and measures aiming to fight this problem.



For many years, Netherlands has constantly been safeguarding the rights and liberties of its citizens, with a robust parliamentary democracy.

Muslim minorities and immigrants are still protected in the country. However, recent policies on these issues have raised concerns that most citizens and political representatives feel the need to address.



As with Netherlands, Australia is a nation that for many years has guaranteed that all human rights are respected, but which recent laws may indicate a worrying direction. In Australia, those laws pertain mostly to government surveillance and asylum seekers.

New Zealand


New Zealand cherishes the human diversity within its population. The elections are free of corruption and take place regularly. Citizens are encouraged to increase their political participation.

Nevertheless, the indigenous Maori people still suffer discrimination, as well as some immigrant communities. The government is working towards the goal of improving the representation of all groups.

The top 10 of the countries that most respect the human rights iscompleted by Luxembourg, Uruguay and Denmark.